The College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences (CULLS) is supporting faculty and instructors interested in researching and developing Open Educational Resources (OER) for use in higher education. Both programs offer monetary support for selected applicants.

AI-Enhanced Development of OER
Deadline to apply: May 15, 2024

This summer, CULLS will run a Pilot Program to help faculty, instructors, and graduate students learn more about AI and OER. This pilot program for AI-Enhanced Creation of Open Educational Resources consists of a cohort of 6-10 faculty members and instructors. The pilot will help CULLS develop the AI section for an OER guidebook currently in development, and cohort members will receive a stipend of $1,000, as well as three months’ subscription to Open AI’s GPT-4, for their involvement in the program.

This eight-week cohort-based program is designed to support faculty and instructors across diverse disciplines, by providing the tools needed to incorporate AI in OER development. Additionally, it offers a collaborative space for sharing insights and learning alongside peers. Participating researchers will have the opportunity to develop resources for their individual courses or initiate larger-scale OER projects.

“As part of the AI@UNM initiative, we are committed to empowering our faculty to fully explore and realize the transformative potential of artificial intelligence,” said Leo Lo, dean of the College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences. “This pilot program is designed to enhance the development of Open Educational Resources as well as to foster an environment of innovation and experimentation. By integrating AI tools into OER creation, we aim to elevate student engagement, learning outcomes, and accessibility.”

Programming will include training sessions and ongoing guidance from experienced facilitators. Faculty, staff, graduate assistants, and teaching assistants are invited to apply, as well as adjuncts working in the summer. The program will run through June and July 2024. Interested applicants can fill out the following form.

The College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences is dedicated to equipping the UNM community and others with the knowledge and skills to navigate AI tools effectively, regardless of background or expertise.

OER Grant Program

Deadline to apply: October 1, 2024

CULLS is now accepting proposals for its annual OER Grant Program until Oct. 1. The program was established in 2023 to support the adoption, adaptation, and creation of Open Educational Resources at UNM. Information sessions will be held on April 24 and April 30 to give applicants ample time to develop proposals over summer break.

OER materials have the potential to significantly decrease student fees and alleviate the financial burden of course textbooks. However, instructors frequently encounter monetary and time constraints when embarking on OER development. This program was established to provide assistance to instructors in overcoming these challenges, thereby cultivating the use of OER materials on campus.

Two types of proposals are available to instructors:

  • Small grant with budgets under $2,000 and
  • Large grant with budgets between $2,000 and $10,000

Levels of funding and project timelines should be determined by the scope of work necessary to successfully integrate the material(s) into a course. Faculty, staff, graduate assistants, teaching assistants, and adjuncts are invited to apply. The full application guidelines and eligibility are provided on the OER Grant Program Library Guide.

Learn about the program before summer break by attending one of two informational sessions:

  • Register for session one: Wednesday, April 24 from 1 – 2 p.m.
  • Register for session two: Tuesday, April 30 from 1 –2 p.m.

More information about the University’s open access publishing initiatives and events can be found on the Open Education Resources Website.