A representative from the Udall Foundation will be on UNM's main campus on Wednesday, Nov. 10 to provide information sessions on scholarship and internship opportunities. The representative will provide information sessions on scholarship and internship opportunities available from the Udall Foundation to UNM students. The Udall Foundation offers undergraduate scholarship ($5,000) during junior/senior year for students who are interested in environmental studies, tribal public policy and Native health care.

The information sessions are sponsored by the National and International Scholarships and Fellowship office (NISF). The NISF office provides UNM students with merit-based scholarship and fellowship opportunities. We hope this website will help your search for national and international scholarship competitions that meet your academic, career, and personal aspirations. The nationally competitive scholarships are listed at, NISF.

For information about the Udall Scholarships visit: Udall Scholarship.

Interested individuals are encouraged to investigate any potential opportunities as early as possible to start building a compelling application. If you have any questions and need any assistance contact, Kiyoko Simmons at (505) 277-0428 or e-mail, nisf@unm.edu.

The NISF office is located at the University Advisement & Enrichement Center (Bldg 85), Suite 180.