Zimmerman Library
Zimmerman Library

What do you get when you combine the UNM central campus library system with an academic program focused on organizational learning?  The addition of the academic program drove University Libraries to recognize the change with a name that describes everything happening there.

The College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences (UL&LS), a unique academic organization not found anywhere else in the country. UL&LS is a combination of University Libraries and the Organization, Information & Learning Sciences (OILS) program.

OILS (formerly known as Organizational Learning & Instructional Technologies or OLIT) is one of the largest graduate programs at UNM. OILS offers courses largely for students already employed in the workforce who are looking for ways to improve their own skills as well benefit their employers. Courses range from data management to measuring performance in the work place. Library courses in information management, metadata and others have been folded into the program to create a unique opportunity for students to become highly sought after in our data driven world.

As colleges and universities across the country strive to confirm their relevance in the modern world, UL&LS is taking bold steps to expand the notion of just what makes a library system in the digital age. From partnering with researchers on managing and archiving their data to helping students from 18 to 80 complete a college assignment to teaching learning theory and practice the College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences is committed to serving UNM and New Mexico.

For more information contact the College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences Dean’s Office at (505) 277-4241.