The Inter-American Studies Program of University Libraries announces a new exhibition, "Illustrated Identities: The Book in the Latino Imaginary" opening in the Herzstein Latin American Gallery, March 5. 

The exhibition celebrates Latino imaginations as expressed in books that traverse time and space, not to mention the strict codification of multiple voices and formats in overly simplified identifications.

The exhibition which features historical texts and codices as well as contemporary works from authors participating in the Latino/a Imaginary, challenges strict categorizations such as Latino, writer, artist and performer, while also illustrating the power of multiple identities expressed across writing, illustration and performance.

On March 5 at 11:00 a.m. in the Herzstein Gallery, UNM Students Gina Diaz and Nick Sanchez in American Studies, Arturo Araujo in Art and Art History and Kristen Valencia, UNM Center for Regional Studies Fellow, also in American Studies, will kick off this exhibit with presentations addressing Latino images and identities in art, literature and film.

This program is part of the Latino/a Imaginary collaboration organized with 516 ARTS, UNM College of Fine Arts, National Hispanic Cultural Center, the Outpost Performance Space, and the Tamarind Institute.

For more information contact Pauline Heffern, (505) 277-0818 or visit: