Inter American Studies in the University Libraries invites current UNM students to submit research presentation proposals for a colloquium that will coincide with an exhibit titled "On the Line: Living the U.S.-Mexico Border" in Zimmerman Library's Herzstein Latin American Reading Room Gallery between Dec. 12, 2011 and Feb. 24, 2012.

This exhibit will focus on the horizontal lives along the U.S.-Mexico Borderline. Quite often, discussions of the territorial boundary are relegated to political relations on a vertical axis, between Mexico City and Washington. This exhibit is intended to reflect the horizontal experiences of those who negotiate and interact with the border.  Research and presentations related to this discussion are especially welcome. Student artwork and photography will also be considered. 

Additional topics and themes to be considered:
Transnational and Transborder Studies


Citizenship and Immigration

Youth and social movements

Border identity

U.S.-Mexico Borderlands and the Southwest

Border diet and food practices

Media representation of the Border

Poetry, music, and dance of the Borderlands

Conceptualizations of Aztlán and the erasure of the border

Curanderismo and/or folk healing


The exhibition is scheduled for Dec. 12, 2011 through Feb. 24, 2012 and will feature U.S.-Mexico Border related collections currently housed in the Center for Southwest Research and the University Libraries circulating collections, with student presentations throughout the month of February.

Proposal submission deadline is Nov. 15, 2011.  E-mail a 250-word abstract for individual presentations for a 500-word abstract for panel presentations to UNM Libraries Center for Regional Studies Fellow, Kristen Valencia at