The University of New Mexico 2013 United Way fundraiser wrapped in December, and despite a decline in donor participation, the campaign still managed to bring in more than $1 million.

The U.S. has slogged through a long recession and economic recovery has been slow but steady. Many economic forecasters predict that it may be a few more years before the country returns to pre-recession levels of giving.

Mark Medin, chief fundraiser at the charity, UJA Federation of New York, is quoted in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, saying that while the market has recovered "the psychology of giving has not. Donors of all income levels still feel shaky about their finances.”

In spite of the slow recovery, the UNM community raised a sizeable amount this year. President Robert Frank said that when we work together, we can do so much to make a difference, and we did.

“The United Way Campaign has long been a tradition at UNM, and is a meaningful way for us to provide support to our community,” he said. He wishes to thank all the UNM faculty, staff and students for their participation and generosity, as well as those who volunteered to help make the campaign a success.