The future of The University of New Mexico is dependent on what the University does in terms of planning right now and in the coming years. Where UNM plans to be in 2040 is of great importance to the campus community – it is both our promise and our legacy.  

UNM 2040: Opportunity Defined is a community-wide initiative to craft a multi-year plan to build both the immediate and long-term future of UNM. The planning process is well underway. In spring 2021, UNM a conducted broad stakeholder engagement with faculty, staff, students, the community and donors through virtual launch and focus groups, as well as interviews with a variety of external stakeholders over the summer.

Through this ongoing process, UNM has engaged many Lobos and learned about aspirations for UNM, as well as what perceived challenges may be. 

Together, UNM has identified five priority goals:

  • One University
  • Student Experience & Educational Innovation
  • Advance New Mexico
  • Inclusive Excellence
  • Sustainability

In fall 2021, UNM launched task forces of broadly representative Lobos across all campuses to ask for guidance and insight for building out these goals as the process moves forward. Collectively, with the input of diverse stakeholders across communities, UNM has created a realistic framework for its 2040 plan. 

UNM is also taking the opportunity to review our institutional mission, purpose and values – to ensure these truly reflect who we are as an institution and as a member of the greater community.

As this is an iterative process, a short survey has been created asking for thoughts about the draft plan framework. This survey should take no more than five minutes to complete. Your input is critical to the process.

Take a moment to complete the survey by Wednesday, Dec. 22. In the next phase of planning, UNM will solidify its goals and objectives for this effort.

For more information, visit UNM 2040: Opportunity Defined.