A recent Strategic Partnership Agreement between the University of New Mexico's Purchasing Department and Information Technologies with Dell, Inc. is already paying big dividends. The agreement, which was initiated and signed last fall, allows UNM departments to take advantage of significant discount prices by making their departmental purchases through LoboMart. Through April of 2010, the agreement has saved UNM more than $180,000.

In 2009 during the months of Feb., March and April, UNM was paying an average of $1,128 per desktop. Since the agreement was signed and during the same months of 2010, UNM has paid an average of $876 per desktop, a savings of approximately $252 and an overall savings on desktops of $114,951. Additionally, the cost of Workstations has been reduced from $2,678 to $2,257 for a savings of $31,584, while the cost of Notebooks has dropped from $1,435 to $1,249 for savings of $35,672. All told, UNM has saved $182,208 over the same months from 2009 to 2010 under the agreement.

"With IT, taking the lead on the standardization of workstations, we have been able to accumulate significant savings. This is just the first benefit we will see from this stragetic partnership," said Bruce Cherrin, chief procurement officer in the Purchasing Department.

The Strategic Partnership Agreement, which is also part of IT's Workstation Management (WSM) project, provides leadership, community involvement, hardware, software and services related to servers, workstations, accessories, and accompanying support programs for UNM and its communities. The project is a response to an inconsistent computing experience across campus.

After developing standards based on input from across campus, the UNM IT Workstation Management Project was developed to provide UNM students, faculty and staff the opportunity to realize a high-quality computing experience at a remarkable price. Workstation Management provides computer life-cycle management, from specifications, through purchase and set-up, to management and maintenance, completing the life-cycle with reuse where possible, and finally disposal.

"The partnership between UNM and Dell benefits all students, faculty and staff by bringing them significantly reduced pricing," said UNM's Gil Gonzales, chief information officer, Information Technologies. "We're very pleased to be able to bring this monetary savings to our customers at the university. Having standardized computer hardware will also save money in reduced service and maintenance costs, which will benefit everyone on campus."

The program has many benefits including campus-wide hardware, software and security standards on all UNM-owned computers. Users can log-in with their NetID and password for access and view standard configurations, and generate and save E-quotes through LoboMart. As part of the agreement, Purchasing also negotiated the same cost of savings for students, faculty and staff on numerous Dell desktop computers, laptops, monitors and servers. Students, faculty and staff can make personal-use purchases under the same agreement by visiting:

Other realized program benefits reduced support costs, improved and unified user experience, software support including a Standardized Software list, fully supported Microsoft Campus Agreement, Windows 7, Office and Symantec EndPoint Protection. Other benefits include warranty hardware support free of charge through UNM's IT Department.

The program has become so popular that Purchasing has negotiated additional options for laptops and desktops including RAM, monitors, hard drives, video cards and laptop cases at discounted prices. Currently, Purchasing is working on discounts for new server models.

For more information on UNM's Purchasing Department visit: http://www.unm.edu/~purch/. For more information on IT's Workstation Management project visit: Workstation Management.

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