The UNM Alumni Association is seeking nominations for its prestigious James F. Zimmerman, Bernard S. Rodey, Erna S. Fergusson and Faculty Teaching Awards. The deadline to submit nominations has been extended to Monday, Nov. 28, 2011 at Alumni Awards.

In order to be considered for an award, nominees should meet the following criteria:

James F. Zimmerman Award
"… shall be given to an alumnus of the University of New Mexico who has made a significant contribution which has brought fame and honor to the University of New Mexico or to the State of New Mexico."

Bernard S. Rodey Award
"… shall be made to those persons who have devoted an unusual amount of time in a leadership capacity and whose efforts have contributed significantly to the field of education. The recipient need not be an alumnus of UNM."

Erna S. Fergusson Award
"… shall be given in recognition of exceptional accomplishments, or for commitment or distinguished service to the University of New Mexico. The recipient need not be an alumnus of the University."

Faculty Teaching Award
"… recognizes outstanding teaching and service to students."

The awardwinners will be honored on Feb. 16, 2012, at 6 p.m. at the February Awards Dinner at a location to be announced.

For additional information, visit UNM Alumni or contact Roberta Ricci at 505-277-9085 or