The University of New Mexico Art Museum hosts "Look Back Into Our Future: Pueblo Revolt 1680/2180," a lecture by artist Virgil Ortiz, Tuesday, April 29 at 5:30 p.m. in the Clinton Adams Gallery. The lecture is part of the INSIGHTS Distinguished Lecture Series. 

Ortiz's work is inspired by the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, and he has created series in clay among others to bring the message of the Revolt and the endurance of the Pueblo people to a worldwide audience. His current work creates a futuristic version of the Revolt, set in the year 2180. In addition, the lecture also touches on artist Floyd Solomon's evocations of the Pueblo Revolt and history of the Spanish conquest. 

Funding for the series is provided in part by the Department of Art and Art History and by the Allene H. and Walter P. Kleweno Lecture Series Fund. 

For more information, visit or call (505) 277-4001.