The University of New Mexico (UNM) will celebrate National Arbor Day with a week's worth of tree plantings and events. UNM is a nationally recognized campus arboretum and provides opportunities for the public and educators to see a diverse selection of openly grown trees. Several student groups including Biology Undergraduate Society (BUGS), Lobo SEEDS, and Association of Student Landscape Architects worked with arborists in the Physical Plant Department to choose the trees and locations for planting.

Below is a list of the daily events, host of each tree planting and the type of tree to be planted in parentheses.

Monday, April 22 - hosted by BUGS
10 a.m. - Woodward Hall (Chinkapin Oak)
1 p.m. - Santa Clara Hall (English Oak)

Tuesday, April 23 - hosted by Sustainability Studies Program
10 a.m. - Cornell Mall (Robinson Crab Apple)
1 p.m. - Mesa Vista Hall (Little Leaf Linden)

Wednesday, April 24 - hosted by Association of Student Landscape Architects (ASLA)
10 a.m. - Johnson Gym (Little Lear Linden)
1 p.m. Johnson Gym (Lacebark Elm)

Thursday, April 25 - hosted by the UNM Young Alumni Chapter
10 a.m. - UNM Child Care (Emerald Sunshine Elm)
1 p.m. - Domenici Center (Texas Red Oak)

Friday, April 26 - hosted by Lobo SEEDS
10 a.m. - Duck Pond (Texas Red Oak)
1 p.m. - Duck Pond (Raywood Ash)

To learn more visit UNM Office of Sustainability, on Facebook - UNM Office of Sustainability or on Twitter @Lobo Green.