UNM Information Technologies (IT) is working with Navajo Tech to extend high-speed networking to Zuni, building on technology used in the" Internet to the Hogan" project. On June 3, 2011, the Zuni Pueblo Council gave permission to UNM to improve networking connectivity at the UNMG Zuni facility. Project planning and work are under way to obtain appropriate permits, execute engineering reviews, estimate costs and provide resources for the project.

This project will increase networking bandwidth from the current 1.5 mb (T1) connection for all of the Zuni facility to 155mb in the first phase. This will be completed by Fall 2011 in coordination with the Zuni Public Schools. A second phase will increase bandwidth to 300mb and eventually 1gb, paving the way for reliable delivery of online classes delivered through distance education technologies. This technology enables wireless access on the UNMG South Campus at Zuni, within the Zuni Public Schools and the eventual extension of networking into the Zuni pueblo community.

This effort illustrates the successful collaboration between Branch and Albuquerque campuses, and between the Navajo Nation and the Zuni Pueblo. This project also builds on the State and University investments in technology to enable K-20 education, native community communication and commerce across the State. Projects such as this support UNM students and faculty wherever they are, thereby supporting New Mexico communities and economic development.

For additional information, contact Dr. Sylvia Andrew, director of the UNM Gallup Branch, at sandrew@unm.edu or (505) 863-7500.

Media contact: Vanessa Baca (505) 277-0987; vjbaca1@unm.edu