University of New Mexico graduate Page Brown is about to make her television debut on "The Real Winning Edge," a new series celebrating outstanding young athletes across the country. The episode was filmed all over Albuquerque to show a cross-section of Brown's life.

"The Real Winning Edge" features 78 young athletes from many sports, each introduced by a celebrity in the same field. Brown is introduced by Sheila Taormina, the only woman to qualify for the Olympics in three sports.

The show chose Brown for her rock climbing, which she's been doing most of her life. She started rock climbing at age 10 – younger than her father, who started at 15. She said she started doing it as "a father-daughter sport" and "fell in love with it."

Originally from Sacramento, Calif., Brown moved to New Mexico when she was 6 years old. She graduated in December with a double major in chemistry and Spanish.

She rock climbed competitively from 11-18 years old. She still climbs for fun, but said competitive climbing was to demanding to continue while pursuing her degree.

"I still get to climb at the gym twice a week and try to get outside at least once a month, because I really enjoy climbing outside far more than on plastic," she said.

The theme of Brown's segment on the show is "learning to stay balanced under pressure." She said God helps her keep her balance.

"He's my rock – literally and figuratively. He's the reason why I can wake up every morning and do what I do. Even if I don't feel confident in my own abilities, I just have to be confident in the gifts I know He's given me and just use them for His glory," she said.

Brown's main goal is to deliver medical care where it's most needed, particularly pediatrics.

Volunteering for an eye clinic in Honduras confirmed her career direction. "I love science and I love the research aspect of it, but I'm definitely more of a people person, and so I would love to work in more of a clinical setting."

Though she's interested in international health care, she knows the need is also great at home. "New Mexico is so underserved in terms of physicians that it would be really rewarding I think to serve in that capacity in a small town or small community that doesn't have a physician."

Brown is featured on "The Real Winning Edge" on Saturday, Feb. 12, at 11:30 a.m. on My50-TV. For a full list of stations airing the show, visit