The University of New Mexico Information Architects Group is offering two innovative classes this summer specifically designed for UNM staff.

Modern Web Development is geared for web designers, content editors and other professionals with aspirations to learn web development, as well as web developers seeking exposure to a range of up-to-date tools. The class will be set up using GIT as a shared resource repository on the instructor’s workstation to demonstrate change management and developer collaboration.

Students need basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to take the class, with exposure to at least one other programming language such as PHP, Ruby, Python or Java. The class, which is UNM tuition remission eligible, begins on Tuesday, June 16 at UNM Continuing Ed. Interested staff members are asked to register immediately, before Friday, June 12

Dashboards: Data Visualization using JavaScript teaches how data from various sources may be communicated with impact to a variety of stakeholders in dynamic visual displays using JSON, XML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery and other JavaScript libraries. Class exercises will demonstrate the process from data import (plain text, CSV, MyReports, .xlsx, JSON, XML) to visual display in a browser using charting libraries. Students are encouraged to bring their needs for data display to class for discussion of the merits of various charting solutions.

Students need basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to take the class, which begins on Monday, July 13 at George Pearl Hall on main campus.

Use your summer UNM Tuition Remission for one or both of these professional development courses.

For registration and prices, visit: summer class.