Moser to speak at luncheon on June 8

The UNM International Task Force, with support from Deputy Provost Richard Holder, hosts a special summer luncheon meeting in Roberts Room, Scholes Hall, on Tuesday, June 8, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Special guest of honor is former Austrian Ambassador to the United States in Washington D.C., Peter Moser.  Moser, who has visited UNM several times through the years, served in this ambassadorship about a decade ago. He served as Consul General of Austria in Los Angeles in the mid-eighties and was senior ambassador in Austria's diplomatic corps and ambassador to Japan in his last position.

In retirement he has received many invitations to distinguished circles in world politics and academia. Last year he was Ambassador-in-Residence and the 10th Marshall Plan Chair at the University of New Orleans.  He is known worldwide through the international press because of his successful defense of Austria against accusations during the so-called "Haider era" around the year 2000 that it had again become a Neo-Nazi country.

Moser presents "E Pluribus Unum: A Model for Globalization." Austria received Marshall Plan money after World War II.  The money did not have to be paid back, but receiving countries had to help other countries in need instead.  Thus, Austria built two complete steel works in India.  Vienna is the seat of the International Atomic Energy Commission, collaborating closely with Los Alamos and LANL.  Despite the country's small size, its capital, Vienna, has become the third UN-City in 1979 and plays a major role in European and world affairs.  It is famous for scientific research in physics, in medicine, Fine Arts and music.  Although the country has its dark moments historically when many Austrians joined Hitler's Third Reich, it has made up for its mistakes in almost three generations of peaceful development.  Austria is known for its natural beauty, its tourism and cuisine, and its strength in winter sports.

"This is a rare opportunity to meet an international guest of this caliber. I encourage UNM staff, faculty members of the UNM community to bring new colleagues and interested people from off campus, as well " said Peter Pabisch, professor emeritus, German Studies.

Guests will be asked to briefly introduce themselves, followed by Moser's presentation of about 45 minutes. A question and answer session will follow.

A luncheon snack will be served. RSVP to Kathryn Padilla, and bring along new colleagues and friends.

Carolyn Gonzales, 277-5920,