The UNM School of Architecture and Planning recently celebrated 10 years of landscape architecture at UNM. Landscape architect Baker Morrow spoke about the decades it took to bring it to reality, former interim dean Ric Richardson talked about taking it to the New Mexico State Legislature for approval, former dean Roger Schluntz regaled its early history and the good fortune in hiring Alf Simon as the first, and to date only, director the program has known.

Dean Geraldine Forbes Isais spoke about the value of the program, the caliber of its small faculty and the talent of the program's students. Alf Simon, program director, accepted the accolades graciously, while also reminding people that when he came, the program had no real funding. He said that were it not for the JB Jackson endowment, the program would have struggled.

Slideshow of the event. For more of the program's history, check out the Campus News article from Feb. 12, 2001.

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