New Media & Extended Learning (NMEL) announced UNM Learn, a significant update to UNM's official online Learning Management System (LMS).

Currently, there are two Enterprise Learning Management Systems in use at UNM: WebCT Vista and UNM Learn. WebCT Vista is being retired and UNM Learn is replacing it. By summer 2013, WebCT Vista will be phased out and UNM Learn will be the only system.

Starting in spring 2013, all fully online classes offered by UNM main campus will be in the new system. Fully online classes are ones in which most or all of the class is conducted online and does not require classroom meetings.

If a class meets face to face and the instructor uses online tools for managing grades, quizzes, or other course functions, then the class may or may not be in UNM Learn in the spring – it's up to the professor. In some cases, classes may be in both of the systems – but just for the spring. Starting in the summer, all classes of all types will be in UNM Learn.

NMEL has been testing UNM Learn in actual classes and student and faculty feedback has been positive overall.

More contemporary tools
Full text editor for discussions and blog postings, messages, assignments and essay tests will be available. Individuals will even be able to add
images and web links to all coursework.

Quick access to dynamic course information
A new tool called the Course Dashboard gives users one page to go to see announcements, new course messages, due date alerts and updates to the course.

Course menu
Navigating a course just became simpler. The new Course Menu can be customized by the instructor to serve as the one place to access everything in the course, not just the tools. Even group links will appear.

One place for all grades & assessment feedback
After completing assignments and tests, individuals will have one place to check grades and review submitted work. All grade information, including links to submitted assignments and completed tests, will be under the My Grades tool in the Course Menu.

More communication options
The instructors have choices for communicating updates and details. They might decide to use UNM preferred email for course communication, or they might use the course messaging tool. Announcements can be sent to the UNM preferred email, and individuals can elect to receive discussion and blog postings by email as well. Go to MyUNM to make sure UNM emails are going to the email account checked regularly.

Visit and link to valuable information and resources for UNM's new Learning Management System. For questions, email

Story by Kim Jarigese