The UNM Indigenous Nations Library Program (INLP) is holding a lecture and discussion to educate people on the importance of community.

“Role of Community: Native Lives at UNM,” will be given by UNM Professor Lloyd Lee on Friday, Oct. 20. The event will be held in the Zimmerman Library Frank Waters Room 105 from 5:00 - 7:30 p.m. and is free and open to the public. 

He will be joined by special guests providing personal portrayals of UNM Native American students.

Lloyd Lee, Ph.D., (Diné), is an associate professor of Native American Studies at UNM. He is Kinyaa’ánii (Towering House), born for Tááschíí (Red Bottom). His maternal grandfather’s clan is Áshiihí (Salt) and his paternal grandfather’s clan is Tábaahá (Water’s Edge). His presentation is based on his recent book, Native Americans and the University of New Mexico (2017) coauthored with Mary Alice Tsosie and Kelly Francisco. 

He is a Board Member of the Institute for American Indian Research (IFAIR) and on the council for the American Indian Studies Association. Lee is the author of Diné Masculinities: Conceptualizations and Reflections (2013) and edited Diné Perspectives: Reclaiming and Revitalizing Navajo Thought (2014). His research focuses on American Indian identity, gender specifically Navajo masculinities, leadership, philosophies, transformative research and American Indian community building.