More than 70 educators from colleges and universities will be in attendance including more than 50 from New Mexico. The workshop is the first to address how institutions of higher learning can more effectively deal with business ethics education. The workshop will be held in Santa Fe on Monday, May 17 from 7:15 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. A reception and dinner will be held the evening before for speakers and conference attendees.

The Bill Daniels Teaching Business Ethics initiative is part of a five-year program supported by a $1.25 million grant for each UNM and NMSU. In addition, other schools who received the grant include the University of Utah, Colorado State University, University of Northern Colorado, and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. All six schools will work collaboratively with the University of Denver and the University of Wyoming to advance business ethics education in the four state region.

The conference will guide educators from community colleges and four year schools on how to advance their skills in teaching varied business ethics topics. The sessions will include: The Challenges of Teaching Business Ethics and How to Overcome Them, How to Infuse Business Ethics in Your Curriculum, Business Ethics Teaching Resources and Approaches and Teaching Business Ethics.

The Bill Daniels Professosr of Business Ethics, Linda and O.C. Ferrell, in collaboration with NMSU, developed the one day workshop that will feature Doug Brown, dean of the Anderson School of Management, and Garrey Carruthers, dean of New Mexico State University's College of Business. The luncheon keynote speaker is Rich Brody an internationally recognized expert on fraud and accounting professor at UNM, and the conference keynote speaker is Eric Pillmore, former vice president of Corporate Governance at Tyco International.

Additional internationally recognized experts on business ethics speaking at the conference include Diane Swanson at Kansas State University, John Fraedrich from SIU-Carbondale, and Victoria Crittenden from Boston College. Organizers believe the conference will have an impact on how business ethics is taught in New Mexico.

"This workshop places New Mexico institutions of higher education at the forefront of addressing the importance of effectively teaching business ethics," says O.C. Ferrell. "Perhaps at no other time in history, has business ethics been more important in developing trust and consumer confidence in business." Linda Ferrell stated, "According to our national accrediting body, only 25 percent of schools are getting business ethics education ‘right'. This creates a tremendous opportunity for us to make a difference, with the support of the Daniels fund, in our student's success in business."

Doug Brown, Dean of the Anderson School says, "We will have learned nothing from the financial meltdown of 2008 if we do not re-commit ourselves to uncompromising ethical practices in business."

The Daniels Fund has created a consortium of schools and expertise through the eight universities that will develop programs and teaching resources to instill a higher standard of ethics in business school students. The initial grant and ongoing support and leadership of the Daniels Fund will impact education not only in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, but beyond. The Daniels Fund is a private foundation established by cable pioneered by Bill Daniels, who is widely recognized for his recognition of the importance of principles, ethics and integrity in business success.

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