With a ceremonial putt, improvements at the UNM North Golf Course were dedicated by officials from Bernalillo County, the University of New Mexico and surrounding neighborhood associations. 

Bernalillo County contributed $1.5 million to rehabilitate the aging sprinkler system at the course, upgrade a running trail around the course and add landscaping, with the understanding that the trail around the course could be used for walking and running by the community.  UNM will continue to own and maintain the 79-acre course.                                     

“Today’s celebration is the culmination of years of hard work and collaboration between Bernalillo County, the University of New Mexico and the North Campus Neighborhood Association, whose members worked tirelessly to save this urban oasis,” Bernalillo County Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins said. 

“Now we can all continue to enjoy it for years to come,” UNM President Robert Frank said.

The upgraded irrigation system is expected to save 20 to 25 million gallons of water. In addition to the infrastructure improvements, a fund was set up with the UNM Foundation to allow individuals to contribute money to fund trees for the area surrounding the course, and many trees have already been planted to replace aging the dying trees.

More than 400 runners and walkers have signed up to do a fun run on the trail at the North Golf Course.  Registration for the run is closed, but people are encouraged to come view the event.