The Vet-2-Vet Peer Mentoring Program (V2V) is a collaboration among the University of New Mexico Veteran’s Resource Center, VetSuccess on Campus, Public Allies New Mexico (AmeriCorps) and student Veterans, military service members and family members at UNM. The Vet-2-Vet Peer Mentoring Program is the first veteran-specific, university grown peer mentoring program in the state of New Mexico.   

Nicole Jones, creator and coordinator of the Vet-2-Vet Program began developing the course in August of 2013 in an effort to further strengthen veteran related transitional support services at UNM.

Marilyn (Mandy) Dykman, director of the Veterans Resource Center recalls her transition to academia. “Military was my life for over 20 years. I felt lost when I entered UNM. Soon I discovered I was not alone when a Vietnam veteran from the Veterans Resource Center welcomed me home. My experience gives credence to the need for peer mentoring and inspired the development of this program. I am excited to see the program’s impact.” 

The program is set to launch on Saturday, Jan. 18 with commencement of the first mentor/protégé orientation session. There are currently 22 program participants: 11 protégé and 11 peer mentors. Future plans related to the program include additional mentor/protégé recruitment and training and the development of career centered mentoring. 

For more information, call (505) 277-1536.