Owing to University of New Mexico’s commitment to sustainability, 10 energy saving VendingMiser® devices have been installed across campus from resources provided by the Green Fund.

The Office of Sustainability worked with Pepsi and Utilities Engineer, Hans Barsun, to choose the best locations for the greatest energy savings. Units have been installed in Dane Smith Hall, Student Services, Parish Library and Mitchell Hall. 

Here’s how it works. Using a Passive Infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor, VendingMiser automatically shuts down the vending machine when the area around it has been vacant for 15 minutes, saving 46 percent energy. However, the VendingMiser will periodically re-power the machine to ensure that the vended products stay cold. In addition, it contains a current sensor that determines if the vending machine’s compressor is operating, and will delay power-down until the compressor has completed its cooling cycle.

Timothy Backus from the Student Union Building submitted the application for the VendingMisers to the Green Fund last fall. Evaluation criteria for proposed projects include impact on carbon footprint including use of energy efficiencies or renewable energy; educating and engaging students, staff and faculty in “green” behaviors; and partnering with UNM departments or organizations to ensure successful completion of proposed projects or initiatives.

The Green Fund is supported by student fees and can be used to fund projects or initiatives both educational and infrastructural to enhance the UNM campus and community. The funding is meant to encourage and foster long term sustainability of UNM as both a physical place and as an intellectual community.

“The Green Fund was established to seek innovative ideas in environmental sustainability from the campus community and bring them to reality through a vetting process by the Green Fund Committee, which consists of students and staff,” said Mary Clark, Office of Sustainability manager. This last year, we were able to fund this project, bottled water filling stations in Dane Smith Hall, and a photovoltaic system with battery storage and LED lighting at the plaza south of Regener Hall.”

Applications for the 2015-2016 Green Fund will be made available mid-September.