The University of New Mexico is featured prominently among the Top 100 colleges for Hispanics, as reported in Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education's May 7 issue. The magazine gathers information from the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

For bachelor's degrees, UNM main campus ranked 16. Total bachelor's degrees conferred was 3,350. Of those, 1,171 were Hispanic, representing 35 percent of the graduating class. Of those, 470 were male and 701 female.

UNM also ranked 16 for conferring master's degrees to Hispanics. With a total graduating class of 1,190, 297 or 25 percent were Hispanic. Of those, 96 were male, and 201 female.

UNM ranked seventh for conferring doctoral degrees to Hispanics. With a total class of 468 Ph.D. Graduates, 107, or 23 percent, were Hispanic. Gender breakdown is 49 males to 59 females.

Some of UNM's degree programs were also ranked in the top 10. The doctorate of medicine ranked eighth, with 23 Hispanic medical school graduates – 11 males, 12 females. Pharmacy ranked sixth, with 21 Hispanics, 11 male and 10 female.

UNM's education program ranked sixth, with 144 Hispanic graduates – 37 male and 107 females.

Nationally, the publication reports that schools on the Top 100 list saw an increase in Hispanic graduates, from the bachelor's through the doctoral degrees. As was true at UNM, more females earned degrees than their male counterparts.

Jozi DeLeon, vice president, UNM Office of Equity and Inclusion, said, "The Hispanic Outlook rankings for UNM indicate that we are not only enrolling Hispanics, but also graduating them in higher numbers than other institutions around the country. UNM could easily lead the country in the number of degrees awarded in all areas as we continue to improve retention and graduation rates of Hispanics and strengthen our pipeline into graduate programs. We also need to improve our success rates for young men from all ethnicities. I look forward to working with everyone to make us number one."

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