UNM Parking and Transportation Services (PATS) recently completed installation of new digital machines that replaced the individual coin parking meters on campus. As part of the installation, PATS reconfigured some of the parking areas to maximize the convenience of these new pay stations.

Each pay station must serve several metered spaces and in cases where the pre-existing configuration of metered spaces was not optimal for the use of these machines, PATS adjusted the location of metered parking in certain lots. There has been no loss of permitted parking spaces in these lots. The new machines enhance the customer experience by accepting credit and debit cards.

New Pay Station Information

• Pay stations do not accept cash
• Pay stations only accept Visa or MasterCard cards.
• Parking time is unlimited.
• Parking time is charged in minimum blocks of 1 hour -no half-hour rate.
• Parking time is sold at $1.75 per hour.
• Parking time can be increased by the hour, or in 8-hour increments by using the 'Max' button.
• Pay-and-display. Valid ticket must be displayed on driver's side of dashboard at all times.
• Pay stations eliminate need for correct change.
• Pay stations are simpler to operate than parking meters
• Pay stations do not require coin collection, are more economical to operate.

Day permits can be purchased from the main PATS office, on the NW corner of University and Central, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

For more information visit: New Pay Stations.