UNM Parking and Transportation Services (PATS) recently announced that the UNM Board of Regents has approved a parking permit rate increase for the first time in three years to cover the costs of PATS' operations affected by significant increases in the price of fuel and other supplies, greater demand for UNM shuttle service prompted by enrollment growth and replacement of aging equipment including several older buses in the UNM shuttle bus fleet.

UNM PATS is a self-funded department on campus and operates the second largest transportation system in the state in terms of ridership. The new permit rates will take effect at the beginning of the new permit year in August.

The parking permit adjustments range from $2.17 to $5.80 per month depending on parking zone. For more detailed information on permit rates by permit type visit:


"We have been very good at reducing and containing our costs through reduction in administrative staff positions, expense control, preventive maintenance programs, and extending the usable life of our shuttle fleet, but now we have reached a point where there is nothing left to reduce and increases in the cost of fuel, for example, have impacted us greatly," said Clovis Acosta, PATS' Director.

PATS says this price adjustment will be critical to meeting current and future service levels.

"One of our biggest challenges over the next few years will be to gradually replace shuttle buses to address the aging of our fleet," said Acosta. "The challenge is also one of our greatest opportunities to provide more reliable service, reduce maintenance costs, and reduce our fuel consumption and carbon footprint as newer shuttles have better fuel economy and emit fewer carbon emissions due to improved technology."

In addition to maintaining its shuttle fleet, PATS will continue to maintain and work to improve the efficiency and availability of its services including its alternative transportation programs, many of which are free or low-cost. For more information about the alternative transportation programs available to students, staff, and faculty visit: http://pats.unm.edu/TIC.cfm.

"We have a very important mission on this campus to ensure access and we want to keep pace with the needs of our customers by providing a variety of parking and transportation options," said Acosta.

For more information visit: http://pats.unm.edu

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