Proudly sporting his cherry red shirt, khaki pants and two-way radio on his hip, Gregory Hollick smiles and roams the full parking lots of the University of New Mexico. Hollick’s work day consists of walking or bicycling 10 miles between parking lots and issuing an average of 30 to 50 infamous yellow parking citations left on the windshield of vehicles in violation of UNM’s parking codes. This has been Hollick’s Monday through Friday, rain or shine, for nearly 15 years as a UNM parking officer.

He said the most difficult aspect of his job is combating the negative perception of his position among UNM students.  

“People always look at the bad and the darkness of my job,” Hollick said. “People think all I do is issue tickets, but I view it as confirming drivers are in compliance and keeping students safe. I’m more than just the yellow ticket guy.”

In addition to parking compliance, he keeps an eye out for anything out of the ordinary that should be brought to the attention of UNM Police.  

Parking tickets are given out by the dozens during the first few weeks of school.

Hollick said he does not let the negativity discourage him, however, it is the positive job perks that keep the 60-year-old performing his duties. He receives much feedback, but the overwhelming majority is actually positive, as he meets a lot of good people and has formed many friendships over the years.

He said he makes the effort every day, he says, because he finds his job exciting and finds it very rewarding. As for the drivers who violate parking on campus Hollick says, “People have to park where they have to park, I never moralize people’s parking behaviors.”

When asked how much longer he will be a UNM Parking Officer  Hollick said “As long as students need to park their vehicles somewhere, I’ll be here too.”