Following recent media reports about a university investigation into claims of sexual harassment in Anthropology department, new information has surfaced that we feel must be considered. In light of these additional reports, we will thoroughly review the full case again along with any new material that we obtain. As we carefully consider all of the evidence, we promise to take appropriate actions as warranted.

Let me assure you this issue has our full attention. We are listening to your concerns and are working to address them. The University is committing additional resources to monitor the situation and to respond to students. We urge anyone who may have faced sexual harassment or discrimination within this department (or elsewhere) to come forward and report it. The Dean of Students Office is available to help students deal with all aspects of this process. (DOS - 505-277-0111,

Please join us in this effort to make UNM a safe campus for all.

– Robert G. Frank, UNM President