The University of New Mexico Dean of Students office has revoked the charter for Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity as a result of several violations of the UNM Student Code of Conduct.

The revocation follows an emergency suspension based upon events that occurred at an alleged non-registered party at the SAE facility on April 1, which included the use of alcohol, consumption of alcohol by minors and an alleged sexual assault.

Student Conduct Officer Rob Burford outlined a number of violations, which included (Section 2.1, 2.11 and 2.15,) potential to harm people or property. Two underage women confirmed that young men at the party offered drinks to them which they accepted and consumed. Burford determined through interviews that the only young men at the party were SAE chapter members. SAE leadership admitted to consuming alcohol at the party. Burford also concluded that SAE held the party with alcohol and did not register the event.

SAE was not found responsible for violating Section 2.2, which pertains to any type of sexual assault, including rape. "The alleged sexual assault was the results of the action of an individual and not the chapter as a whole," the letter states.

SAE will remain ineligible to be rechartered as a student organization until at least Aug. 1, 2017. The revocation of the charter means the fraternity loses all rights and privileges as a chartered student organization at the University of New Mexico. If after that date SAE wants to it must coordinate its with its International Headquarters and the UNM Greek Life Office.

Burford state the severity of the penalty reflects a history of SAE Student Code of Conduct violations.

The University has placed the fraternity on probation and suspension for a number of infractions over the past five years including drinking, hazing, damaged property, non registered events and allegations of members having sexual relations with underage females.

"This history shows me that the chapter has failed to learn from its past violations," Burford stated in the letter. "This office has on multiple occasions tried to work with the SAE chapter, to encourage reform of the chapter's behavior through educational requirements, and lesser sanctions of probation and suspension, but the chapter has failed to learn from its past mistakes. As this latest incident reveals, SAE and its members continue to engage in behaviors that violate the Student Code of Conduct with serious consequences for the safety and well-being of the campus community. Therefore, the highest level of sanction, revocation of the SAE charter, is absolutely warranted at this time."

SAE was notified that they can appeal the decision to the Dean of Students, which must be done in writing by June 5.

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