What can you do in one hour? Beat a video game? Watch (part of) a movie? Have dinner?

What if you spent that hour learning to build an e-commerce business that could easily end up making money for your student organization or your spring break trip instead? They’ll even feed you dinner and have you home in time for that gaming or movie-watching.             



The UNM Innovation Academy hosts “Show Up & Sell” on Wednesday, Feb. 5 at 6 p.m. in the Student Union Building Ballroom A.                 

Join Innovation Academy Alum Kyle Guin as he builds and launches an e-commerce business in an hour. Guin will crowd source ideas for the store, build the website, and hopefully even make a sale before the night is over. Follow along to learn the tips and tricks you can use to open your own successful online store.                 

Topics that will be covered include how to create a web store, sourcing products, creating ads and other content on social media, and make sales.                 

The best part? Absolutely no experience is necessary. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to join the Innovation Academy’s event to learn more about this popular business model. Sign up to attend at Show Up & Sell Eventbrite or just search “Show Up & Sell”

Extra cash is just a few clicks away!