The University of New Mexico was named as one of the best deals on colleges for Native American Studies. The list, which included 20 colleges, placed UNM at No. 15.

UNM’s Native American Studies is an academic program committed to Indigenous research and scholarship. The curriculum and degree program at UNM is a well-developed and comprehensive study of the history, conceptual frameworks, applications and research in the field of Native Studies. NAS offers a Bachelor of Arts degree and a minor degree granted through University Studies at the UNM.

Editors highlighted the Native American Studies curriculum focus on research methods and sociopolitical concepts of the Native American culture. UNM was ranked in part because its tuition cost is less than $30,000.

"Being named as one of the top Native American Studies program is the result of the support of many people and the tireless efforts of UNM-NAS faculty and staff over a period of 15 years," said Greg Cajete, director, Native American Studies. "I also wish to commend all of the students who have majored or minored in Native American Studies for they are our best ambassadors and exemplify the excellence of the program. Stay tuned for there is much more to come as we introduce the Master's degree in two years."

The ranking was created and points awarded using information from the National Center for Education Statistics' College Navigator database. Schools were selected based on the presence of a well-rounded Native American studies curriculum, field-related internships and scholarship options, and any additional special features that added value to this degree.

“A Native American Studies degree at UNM is much more valuable and significant than a net price attribute across higher institutions nationally,” said Pamela Agoyo, special assistant to the President for American Indian Affairs and director of American Indian Student Services. “The Native American Studies program is a reflection of the vast knowledge and unwavering diligence of Dr. Greg Cajete and the entire team of NAS Faculty.

“UNM is fortunate to house such unique expertise and resources that support the academic success and experience of students pursuing Native American Studies degrees,”

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For more information, visit UNM's Native American Studies program.