The UNM Staff Council recently completed "Operation Gratitude," where UNM folk dropped off leftover Halloween candy to be sent soldiers overseas. The candy was sent out last week. Ten boxes of candy, weighing a grand total of 567.74 pounds, were taken to UPS. They will arrive in California today and will be shipped out to our troops in holiday care packages.

Shelley Rael, dietitian with the UNM Employee Health Promotion Program, said, "All of that candy represents more than one million calories that was NOT consumed by UNM employees," but she cautioned, "No, that doesn't mean you can eat an extra slice of pumpkin pie on Thursday!"

The Division of Student Affairs donated funds to the Staff Council to help defray the cost of shipping the candy.

"We also want to extend a heartfelt thanks to UNM staff for promoting, collecting and delivering the candy to the Staff Council office. Your generosity and community spirit is truly heartwarming," said Merle Kennedy, president, UNM Staff Council.

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