“Due to repeated vandalism and theft, Johnson Center management decided to stop stocking the feminine hygiene dispensers about 25 years ago. However, the students, through their voice in ASUNM, have made it clear they want us to stock the dispensers again, and Recreational Services will honor that. We’ve already ordered new dispensers, which will replace the outdated ones in the women’s bathrooms.”

- James Todd, director, UNM Recreational Services

“The Physical Plant Department does not maintain restrooms in Johnson Center or the Student Union Building. PPD has removed a few old feminine hygiene product dispensers in various buildings over the last several years due to vandalism, and have not stocked or maintained them for at least 20-25 years, as far as I can tell. The previous Custodial Services contractor, Sodexo (contract ended in 2012), attempted to maintain these dispensers in the early 2000s as a revenue generating scheme, but stopped doing so due to theft of the machines and vandalism. Handling cash, which would be required to maintain these machines has been a deterrent for PPD, because we do not want to have staff to be responsible for carrying and collecting cash.”

- Al Sena, director, UNM Physical Plant Department