Are you a person who wants to take a map with you when you start a journey?  At UNM there’s a way for you to do that now.   Do you want to know step by step what to take if you would like a degree in Astrophysics or in Music?  There’s a map for you available on the UNM Academic Programs website.

The Degree Map is part of UNM’s Foundations of Excellence program, a university-wide effort that focuses on freshmen.  This year there are more than 3,400 freshmen enrolled at UNM and the university is focused on providing a good experience.  Incoming freshmen don’t always know exactly what degree they will pursue, but the degree maps are meant to help them visualize the course of study required for any area that is of interest to them.

“The degree maps will help students and their advisors to work together to create a course schedule that fits with their interest and degree attainment," Director of University Advisement Vanessa Harris said.

For now the degree mapping program is focused on undergraduates.  Graduate and Professional degree map programs are expected to go in the near future.