University of New Mexico students Cassie Thompson and Roxanne Imeson were recently chosen to join the 2014 Teach for America Corps. Teach for America offers high-achieving college graduates and professionals a pathway into the field of teaching.

Thompson, a political science major, joins the TFA Corps after she graduates in December, 2013. She has been selected to teach elementary education in Cincinnati. “Ideally I hope to be a positive force in the students’ lives that I will be teaching. I hope to not only teach them the necessary skills to move on in school and to test well, but also to show them their potential and be their biggest fan,” Thompson said. 

Imeson, who will graduate with degrees in Spanish and Criminology in 2014, will then join the TFA Corps to teach secondary science in Oklahoma City. “Teach for America is the perfect way to give back to the community while at the same time making steps toward improving the future through preparing and educating young students,” Imeson said.

Both Thompson and Imeson agree that the interview process is rigorous and competitive. The interview process spans over a few months and includes an online application, phone interview, teaching a five minute lesson plan, a group discussion and individual interview.

TFA corps members benefit from resources such as a summer training institute, sample lesson plans, an intensive teacher training and preparation period, professional development and an online community of corps members supporting each other throughout the experience.

“It’s a really great program and I am thrilled to be part of it,” Thompson said.

First and second year educators are recruited and supported in their work at schools in typically underserved areas. The TFA Corps believes that education is an issue of social justice and aims to provide excellence in education nationally. “We hope to get more Lobos into our classrooms,” said Teach for America Recruitment Associate Samantha Romero.