Recently, faculty, staff and students probably saw an e-mail waiting upon your return to campus welcoming you to the new LoboAlerts system. Hopefully you were curious about it and followed the instructions to log into the new system. LoboAlerts is replacing TextMe as the emergency text notification system for the University. This is one piece of the multi-faceted warning system which also includes the sirens, email messaging and web page updates.

Everyone with an active record in the University's Banner system, including all faculty, staff, registered students, affiliates of UNM, and UNMH employees, were automatically enrolled in the system. Cellular telephone numbers and email addresses listed for these individuals in the Banner system were moved into LoboAlerts. The welcome email notified recipients as to what phone number, if any, was on file. Loading everyone into the system automatically should make it easier to notify a large portion of the University if necessary.

All active University affiliates are encouraged to login to LoboAlerts using their UNM NetID and password (this is the same ID and password that you use to login to LearningCentral). Here users can review and change their data, and opt-out of the text messaging portion if desired. Users can opt out of either the text portion or the email portion, but not both.

LoboAlerts recognizes an individual's campus affiliation (main or branches), and messages can be targeted to the specific branch. If one were to teach or take classes on multiple branches, they would automatically be included in those multiple groups. This will also give the branch campuses the ability to send out their own emergency messages.

The entire campus notification system will be tested at the beginning of each semester. The next test is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 14 at 11:02 am. When the sirens are sounded, individuals should seek shelter in the nearest building and look for additional information. This additional information will be available via text, email and local media. If you receive a LoboAlerts text message, you are asked to follow any instructions it contains and to share the information with people around you. It is possible that different devices on different networks will receive the messages at different times.

Friends, family, community members and other non-University affiliates can also sign up to receive LoboAlerts through a variety of ways. They can follow at: LoboAlerts Twitter, or LoboAlerts Facebook, or register on the UNM Community website.

For more information and Frequently Asked Questions visit: LoboAlerts.

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