The University of New Mexico will conduct a maintenance exercise of its South Campus Warning Siren System Monday, Feb. 27 at 11:02 a.m. UNM will sound the sirens for approximately one minute, then pause the sirens for approximately one minute, followed by an "all clear" siren, again, for approximately one minute.

The instructions to persons on the UNM Campus during an actual activation are to seek immediate shelter and look for additional information. This additional information could come through our LoboAlerts System, e-mail, the UNM web page and/or local media. UNM tests its emergency communications systems once each semester. A system test was held two weeks ago, but a maintenance issue has made this special test necessary. The next exercise after this one will be this system this summer.

Contact Byron Piatt at (505) 277-0330 with any questions or comments regarding this upcoming exercise. It would be appreciated if this information is shared with other appropriate members of your organization.