The University of New Mexico's Parking and Transportation Services launched its second university-wide commuter survey to learn more about how the UNM community gets to campus, and the carbon footprint associated with those commutes. Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to take a few minutes to take the survey online at Commuter Survey.

"Last year we received over 3,800 responses," said Clovis Acosta, PATS director. "That level of participation allowed us to get very detailed and useful information about how students, staff and faculty get to campus and the factors that drive their transportation decisions."

The 2010 Commuter Survey data showed that 42 percent of the UNM population travels to and from campus using alternative transportation. The data was subsequently used in the most recent UNM Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory demonstrating a reduction of 14,942 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent associated with commutes to UNM, a 33 percent reduction compared to the previous 2006 figures. PATS intends to survey the UNM-Albuquerque campus each year to get a better understanding of changing transportation preferences, track carbon emissions reductions over time, and improve the overall profile of transportation services it offers the UNM community.

"Our University has made a commitment to sustainability – it is one of our core values. PATS is serious about advancing our campus goals, addressing traffic congestion on and around campus, improving the quality of our community, and meeting the transportation needs of students, staff, and faculty by providing a variety of transportation services," Acosta said.

The survey is available at Commuter Survey through midnight on May 2.

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