The University of New Mexico's interactive strategic refresh process is approaching an important pivot point – the movement from planning into action. The campus community has worked hard on the development of UNM2020, seven goals (timeless aspirations), objectives (specific and measurable targets during the next two years) and tactics (very specific action steps in pursuit of the Objectives).

"In all of your hard work to identify the resources required to implement the tactics, we have encountered the predicted reality in that we don't have easy access to all of the resources necessary to accomplish everything desired," UNM President Robert Frank said. "And yet, all of the objectives are important such that we must phase implementation based on the resources we either control within our current budgets or deem accessible from other sources (e.g., philanthropy)."

UNM needs your input in the prioritization process. Participation is easy and anonymous. Please take 15 minutes to complete the drag and drop survey at the link below.

Log onto UNM2020 Prioritization and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Respondents are encouraged to take the survey, which closes at midnight on Friday, May 10, as soon as possible.

"As I have said from the beginning of this vital effort, we need to hear your voice in the forging of UNM's future," Frank said. "Your perspective is unique and deserves to be heard as we establish priorities among activities we all agree are important. Be sure to participate today."