UNM North Golf Course rehabilitation work to begin.

Last summer, Bernalillo County and UNM entered into a 15-year agreement to upgrade the UNM North Golf Course and its perimeter trails. As part of the initial planning and pre-construction work, the existing trees on the UNM North Golf Course have been fully evaluated.

Some need to be trimmed and or removed due to age, disease and serious safety concerns. These trees will be marked with colored tape so that both area users and golfers know about the upcoming removal or trimming of these trees in mid-March.

• Trees marked in red will be removed
• Trees marked in yellow will be trimmed

Please note that as part of the overall rehabilitation of the area, hundreds of new trees will be planted over the next few years.

If you would like additional information on these first steps, feel free to stop by the North Golf Course clubhouse on the corner of Tucker and Yale.

Working together, this special place, used by many, will be preserved for decades to come.

Media Contact: Steve Carr (505) 277-1821; email: scarr@unm.edu