A panel of experts from the Urban Land Institute has spent the week in Albuquerque talking with community leaders, neighbors and stakeholders about how land along Lomas Blvd. between University Blvd. NE and I-25 should be developed.

The property is held by the University of New Mexico and Sandia Foundation, the State of New Mexico and a few private property owners.  On Friday, Nov. 11 the panel presented a series of suggestions about how the land might best be developed to support UNM interests and enhance amenities for the City of Albuquerque residents living in the immediate area.

The panel suggests a program that includes apartments, town houses,  hotels and retail uses.  They also suggested a parking garage and intermodal transportation hub near the intersection of University Blvd. and Lomas Blvd.

The suggestions include ways to develop housing so that it fits into the Spruce Park neighborhood area, just south of Lomas and included ways to preserve views of the Sandia Mountains for neighborhood residents.

UNM Plans to build another hospital to the north of Lomas Blvd.  The planners noted that this hospital would greatly increase demand for rental housing and office space for doctors and other health professionals.

UNM regents are interested in developing the areas immediately around the core campus and in finding revenue sources that can help support the academic mission of the university.

Link to Presentation.

Media contact: Karen Wentworth (505) 277-5627; kwent2@unm.edu

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