Judit Kadar, a visiting Fulbright fellow of American Studies at Eszterházy College in Eger, Hungary, is offering an eight week course for the second half of the fall semester. The course, "Going Indian/Native? Cultural Manifestations of In-Between-ness," is an exploration into why someone "goes Native", or adapts cultural stereotypes such as those seen in manifestations of the "White man's Indian."

Through the study of novels and movies the course explores how fragmented experiences are turned into stories of identity. A further study explores narratives and representations by postcolonial writers.

The course offers an experiment in cross-cultural psychological approaches in analyzing contemporary texts and characters who possess hybrid identities. They make choices and negotiate the boundaries of ethnicity, territory, community, gender, home and relationships.

The course, AMST 356, is an opportunity to learn more about indigenization, transculturation and other ethnic transformations.

For more information, contact Judit Kadar.

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