The University of New Mexico Office of Student Academic Success is looking for staff, faculty, alumni or upperclass students to volunteer as academic coaches through a new program called, S.T.A.Y. or Success Through the Academic Year. The new initiative is designed to help incoming freshmen succeed through their third semester and beyond by assigning them an academic coach.

By the beginning of the third semester, approximately 25 percent of students drop out or decide to leave UNM. Academic coaching is a unique service, geared toward helping students reach their education potential. Academic coaching proves helpful as it supports structure and accountability while providing new academic strategies, stronger organization and solid time management skills.

S.T.A.Y. exists to assist and engage students who demonstrate academic risk by using a holistic and supportive approach to get them back on a successful academic path. The objectives of a volunteer academic coach include: providing guidance and leadership to students; assist with academic planning; and monitor and address academic risk factors.

The program offers support services to students on academic warning with less than 26 credit hours. The coach and student meet initially to assess the student's academic strengths, weaknesses and factors that impede academic progress. Subsequent meetings are intended to provide support for the student through guidance, leadership and academic planning.

Volunteer applications are now available. Training sessions will be held in June and July. For more information, visit Student Academic Success.