The Lobo Reading Experience  (LRE) Committee is currently in the process of selecting its book for the 2015-16 academic year. For the past six years, the Lobo Reading Experience has engaged students, staff and faculty in a program that sparks academic discussion across all disciplines by integrating a book voted on by faculty, staff and students, and used in the classroom and offering outside classroom experiences.

Each year a book is selected for the Lobo community to read and integrate into the academic year. The committee has decided on three final book options to be voted on by the UNM community. Below are the appropriate links below to review book summaries and to vote.   

Students and staff can vote on the three nominated books. Faculty can vote as well, and are invited to provide input on how the selected book might be incorporated into the classroom. Everyone will have the opportunity to rank the books from their least favorite to most. Voting closes Tuesday, Feb. 3 at 5 p.m. 

For more information, visit Lobo Reading Experience or call the University Student Success Center at (505) 277-7000.