The University of New Mexico School of Architecture and Planning presents, "Water and Energy in NM: Conversations on Our Common Future" Thursdays through April 18, from 5:15 to 6:30 p.m. in Pearl Hall auditorium.

The seminar series, Conversations on Our Common Future, will present a wide range of research, issues, insights and perspectives related to water and energy in New Mexico. Speakers include key experts and thought leaders from New Mexico's academic, government, research and business communities.

The speaker series seeks to encourage a robust exchange of ideas and to expand the discussion and debate on local, state and regional water and energy challenges. Students may take the course for credit by signing up for the discussion section, which precedes the speaker's lecture each week. The speaker series portion of the course is open to the UNM community and the public.

The schedule through March 7 is as follows. Later dates will soon be available at SAAP.

Prof. Bruce Thomson (1/24)
The link between water and energy; why this topic is of critical importance to NM

Dagmar Llewellyn (1/31)
Major sources and uses of water, supply decreases in the future, and the link with climate change

Prof. Reed Benson (2/7)
Water law in NM

Prof. David Gutzler (2/14)
The science of climate change; what the data say about future water supplies and temperatures

Prof. Janie Chermak (2/21)
Economic perspectives on water and energy supply and demand

Randall Hicks (2/28)
Oil and gas industry's perspective on the need for water and energy-related regulations

Jason Marks (3/7)
Laws, rules, regulations and policies that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency

*Schedule is subject to change

For more information, contact: Caroline Scruggs at (505) 277-5050 or email to