The lower level of Centennial Science & Engineering Library (LL2) is temporarily closed due to water damage that occurred on Saturday, May 5. The upper level of the library remains open and library employees are retrieving materials from the lower level as requested.

A fan in the mechanical room behind the Circulation desk on LL1 failed around 1 a.m. on Saturday, May 5. As a result, temperatures in the mechanical room rose high enough to trigger the fire suppression sprinkler system resulting in water overflowing down into LL2, especially the Map and Geographic Information Center (MAGIC).

Physical Plant Department staff responded to the water alarm and turned off the water supply. No water damage occurred on LL1 or to the books on LL2; however, some maps in MAGIC were damaged and some carpets at the bottom of the stairs, in offices, and in training rooms on LL2 were wet.

A local company was promptly called to extract the water and to set up air movers and de-humidifiers in LL2.

A total of 65, 5-drawer map cabinets were determined to be either wet or damp. They were inventoried, labeled, photographed and prepared for removal by Monday morning.

The maps, in their cases, will be loaded into refrigerated trucks and taken to the BMSCat facility in Ft. Worth for freeze drying and processing. We estimate the maps will be returned in about three to four weeks. The Physical Plant Department is working on estimates and timelines for restoring the building. LL2 is expected to remain closed (or partly closed) at least for a few more days.