Big data is massive and messy, and it's coming at you fast.  But on its own, data isn't valuable.  It's the insight you gain from understanding your data that really makes an impact. Join Anderson School of Management Professors Doug Thomas and Craig White Friday, Dec. 13 for an informative lecture titled, "Why Predictive Analytics Matters to You." The lecture will be held Friday, Dec. 13 from 7:30 - 10 a.m. in Anderson's Jackson Student Center. 

More and more organizations are recognizing the fact that a better understanding of data can help create new opportunities, streamline management decisions and improve organizational performance. However, many organizational decision makers feel like they are drowning in their data.  Despite the seemingly monumental task of wading through that data, its practical application is invaluable. Thomas and White will discuss the potential of Big Data to solve problems and uncover new opportunities for your business.

At this session, you can: earn 2 hours of CPE credit; learn how to leverage big data in your organization; and Network over breakfast with New Mexico's business leaders. Pre-register to receive free parking and $5 off your registration fee.

For more information or to register, call (505) 277-2525 or visit: CFO Academy.