The University of New Mexico's Winter Setback Program, an energy savings program implemented in 2006, begins Saturday, Dec. 22. With annual heating costs exceeding $7 million, the program is designed to save on heating costs while most faculty and staff are on winter break. Building temperatures will return to normal on Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013.

"The Winter Setback Program is just one of the university's energy conservation projects," said President Robert Frank. "This particular program is an opportunity for each member of our campus community to participate and help conserve our precious natural resources."

Prior to 2006, UNM didn't have the capability to set back temperatures in buildings. Since 2006, most of UNM's large buildings have installed the technical capability to set the thermostats lower while the campus is closed for the winter break. UNM's Physical Plant Department (PPD) embarked on an energy savings program to identify those buildings that can have the heating systems adjusted to a lower temperature over the winter break.

Along with energy specialists, PPD took into consideration critical activities that must maintain a strict temperature range and also identified buildings that can participate more rigorously in the Winter Setback Program.

Individuals may review Business Policy #5100 for more information regarding energy management at UNM.