The holiday season is upon us which means the university’s annual winter break is almost here. For many of us, our offices, labs, and classrooms will be left empty while we relax and spend the holidays with our families and friends. The holiday season also means it’s time for UNM's annual Winter Setback Program.

This year’s Winter Setback Program begins Wednesday, Dec. 24 and continues until Monday, Jan. 5, 2015, when building temperatures return to normal. During that period of time, most buildings on UNM’s campus will be vacant for an extended period of time. 

“The Winter Setback Program is a great opportunity for the university to save energy, reduce our carbon footprint, and avoid costs all at the same time,” said President Robert G. Frank. “Our annual heating bill is over $7 million, so continuing this energy conservation program simply makes sense.  This program is also an opportunity for each member of our campus community to help conserve our precious natural resources.“

The UNM Physical Plant Department (PPD) has upgraded the energy control systems in many of our buildings which allows PPD to monitor and control energy use in buildings 24 hours a day.  The Winter Setback Program utilizes these controls to lower temperatures over the winter break.

In the fall, PPD and Lobo Energy identified all critical activities that must maintain a strict temperature range, as well as buildings that could participate more rigorously in the program.  Because of their efforts and support from the campus community, the university has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars since the program’s inception.

For information regarding energy management, you may review UNM Business Policy #5100.