It is nearing that time of year when University of New Mexico staff is off for an extended winter break. During this time the Physical Plant Department’s Winter Setback Program saves energy on campus by adjusting the heating and cooling systems in many buildings on campus.

Building temperatures will be adjusted on Saturday, Dec. 21 and readjusted to normal temperatures on Thursday, Jan. 2.

Associate Director of PPD Engineering & Energy Services Robert Notary said, “The winter break set-back program has been very successful in past years. With the help of all faculty and staff, and due to the continued development of automated building energy systems throughout campus, we anticipate reducing campus energy consumption even more this year.”

Before leaving for the extended break, take a moment to look around paying special attention to ensure that these items are turned off and unplugged:

* Computers and monitors
* Lights
* Surge Protectors
* Calculators
* Printers and copiers
* Lamps and heaters
* Personal appliances
* Tightly close all windows

The Winter Setback Program is a great opportunity for the University to save energy, reduce our carbon footprint and avoid costs all at the same time. UNM's annual heating bill is over $7 million, so continuing this energy conservation program simply makes sense. The program is an opportunity for each member of the campus community to contribute to conserving our precious natural resources.

Questions regarding the Winter Setback Program can be directed to the Physical Plant at (505) 277-2421.