University of New Mexico-Gallup had an unscheduled visit recently from Zoerro, a wolf ambassador from the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary located just south of Gallup. Zoerro, the official UNM Lobo ambassador, was on his way to main campus in Albuquerque when he stopped in for a visit with handler Rory Zoerb. 

Zoerro and Zoerb were on their way to thank UNM main campus for food contributions made to the wolf sanctuary where the two live. The mission of the sanctuary is to rescue displaced, unwanted and un-releasable captive-bred wolves, wolf dogs and other related species. Animals are provided permanent, lifetime safe sanctuary and the highest level of care, enrichment and habitat. 

The sanctuary also educates the public about wolves, wolf dogs and other related species, our ecosystem, how we all play a part in it, and the excellent ethical care of treatment of all animals, domestic and wild. 

Zoerb initially planned to leave Zoerro at the sanctuary but was unable to be away from the friend he had rescued and raised. Zoerb decided to stay at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, and is now the web developer and Zoerro’s permanent handler. 

For more information visit Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.